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Better Culinary Bags is a family business founded by the father-son duo, Rick and Dennis Speck, and including a recent founding member, Mônica Beserra.


While attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, Dennis became concerned about current storage options for his kitchen tools; this sparked the question: what would make the perfect knife bag?


After three years of testing different bags, researching materials required, and consulting with a wide array of executive chefs, caterers, and restaurateurs Rick and Dennis have developed the Traveler.

Through determination and use of only high quality materials BCB has raised the standard for protection and transportation of culinary tools.

Dennis Speck

Dennis Speck walked into a restaurant kitchen at the age of twenty; by the age of twenty-three, he was being paid by a major restaurant corporation to "fix" aberrant outlet issues. His recommendations affected company policies including changes to management positions and restaurant closings.​

While attending school, Dennis extended his skills acquisition to work sites, working with the greatest names in butchery, recipe and seasonings production available in the United States.

Dennis graduated from the CIA in September of 2018, ready to pursue his ideas.


Richard Speck, Rick, purchased a tourism, hospitality, based business on September 11, 2001. By 2005 he had created a recession-proof business which he sold for five-times the original purchase price. The recession-proof title held up during one of the worst recessions in US history.

In addition to building said business, Rick developed a community-sponsored non-profit event that provided excess revenue in its second year, and ignited pride and excitement within a dying community.

Rick has been sought to complete tasks and objectives deemed impossible, known as the man to call when all efforts have failed. A talent with logistics has filled a resume of success with no failures; setbacks, yes, but he has yet to fail in business matters.